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Welcome to the celebration of academics! Welcome to this power info portal on obstetrics and gynecology. Celebrate the happiness that this website is always giving, make every visit here a holiday and just celebrate the visit. Knowledge is not owned by anybody on this earth. Who-so-ever seeks it gets it plenty. What is more, this is a miracle which the more you give the more you gain. It is said that a man's errors are his portals of discovery.


This website has been created with precisely this aim: “To share, to gain and to dissipate knowledge”. By keeping interactive sections on this portal as well as utilizing demonstrative skill in videos this portal helps you apply your knowledge into practice as knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. There is a continuous and live effort to keep this portal updated. Thus this portal becomes a gift that you can open again and again and learn nuances every time you visit here.

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1. Panel Discussion conducted at UPCOG at Kanpur on Situation analysis in PIH
2. Celebrate Academics Webinar on 11-14 weeks scan
3. Celebrate Academics Webinar on PIH
4. Celebrate Academics Webinar on RSA
5. Panel Discussion Raipur


1. Post-Hysterectomy Diagnosis Of Leiomyosarcoma
2. TORCH test
3. GDM
4. Positive For HBS Ag
5. 24 Wks Pregnancy With Sudden Rise In BP 160/100
6. Hydatidiform Mole Coexisting With Fetus
7. False +Ve Pregnancy Test
8. Condylomata Acuminata
9. Very Interesting Prescription
10. Difficulties In Prescribing Calcium



1. Risk of spontaneous abortion from exposure to NSAIDs

2. Effect of gravity on placental transfusion

3. Hyperimmune globulin does not prevent congenital CMV infection

4. Possible adverse effect of in utero exposure to acetaminophen (Paracetamol)

5. Contraception and postpartum risk of thrombosisd

6. New recommendations for detection of gestational diabetes

7. Fetal iron deficiency inhibits neural myelination

8. New diagnostic criteria for preeclampsia

9. New staging system for ovarian, fallopian tubal, and peritoneal carcinomas

10. Mesh-related complications in pelvic organ prolapse repair



1. Oxygen, Metamorphosis and Preeclampsia: Amazing Nature



1. Academic Thieves, Forgers, Goons And Cheats:

2. ...…and I Cried, Yes I Cried!:

3. Helicopter Parents (The vice of over-parenting):

4. Female Feticide: A Ray Of Hope On The Horizon?

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