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Fitness Beyond Weight Loss
Anna Miller


You have taken lots of painstaking efforts by doing exercises and keeping away from your favourite foods for achieving weight loss. Your efforts have paid off and losing weight is a great achievement indeed. All your efforts will go wasted if you regain the lost weight. More than losing weight, it is even more difficult to maintain the same and prevent weight gain. In order to ensure that you do not put on weight, you need to plan your diet post weight loss and also design a suitable exercise program.

● In order to lose weight, you would have followed a strict and strenuous exercise regime. It is necessary that you continue with it at the same or at lower intensity in order to keep yourself physically active. You can exercise regularly at the gym or have simple workouts at home. You can involve in cardio like walking, swimming and cycling which can form a part of your daily routine. You can take up any sport of your choice. All such activities are intended to keep you moving and prevent weight accumulation.

● Plan your diet post your weight loss. Stick to a low carb and low fat diet. Include whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber rich foods. Keep away from refined and processed foods. Try eating fat burning foods such as cruciferous vegetables to lose any excess weight gain by occasional indulgence. Do not skip breakfast and avoid foods high in salt and sugars. Eat essential healthy fats like MUFA and PUFA. Consuming fat burning foods will help in preventing accumulation of weight in the body and enable you to maintain your fitness.

● Calculate your daily calorie intake and adjust it according to your ideal weight. You should not gorge on high cal foods just because you have achieved weight loss. Adjust your calorie intake depending on your metabolism. For achieving weight loss, there would have been a reduction in your calorie intake. Whilst in your efforts to maintain the ideal weight, you need to consume such calorific amount that would suffice your metabolism. Which means your calorie intake will be higher when compared to what you were consuming during your weight loss.

● Making certain lifestyle changes will help you to maintain your weight post your weight loss program. Consume alcohol occasionally. Eat smaller portions at regular intervals. Keep away from refined and processed foods. Drink 64oz of water daily. Steer clear from carbonated and sugary beverages. Do not binge or overeat. Keep stress levels low, because you tend to eat more unmindful of the calories when you are stressed. Incorporate yoga and breathing techniques to calm and soothe your body.

● Perform exercises like strength and weight training that help to build your muscles. More muscles imply a higher metabolism which will help in preventing fat storage and resultant weight gain. Protein rich foods help to build muscle and aid weight control.
Follow a healthy diet and chalk out an exercise schedule. Be active and count your calories. You will be fit and experience permanent weight loss with no chances of regaining the same.

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