INSPIRING OBSTETRICIANS - Dr. Atul Desai: Unsung Obstetrician Hero felicitated by The President

Dr. Atul Desai

This unsung hero, who is currently in Navsari town of Gujarat, tells his story in very few words:

I passed M.B.B.S in 1982 & M.D in 1986 from B.J.M.C. Ahmedabad. I started my private hospital Ami maternity & surgical hospital in Dec.1994 at Navsari. In 2005-2006 I took the charge of Indian Redcross society Navsari District (IRCS-Navsari). At that time IRCS Navsari was passing through very bad times, there were multiple problems. In 2005-2006 my professional practice was at peak & I was planning to start new big hospital, so I was in dilemma –whether to go for new hospital-so I can earn more & live super luxurious life or, to accept the challenging task of IRCS Navsari that could benefit the people at large. 'SANSKAR ', nurtured by my late parents forced me to take the challenging task of leading IRCS Navsari. My wife Dr. Dipti Desai (Anaesthetist) supported my decision. Believe me sir; I have not purchased gold ornaments for her in 27 years of married life. I gave my precious time for Redcross activities, so my professional practice has suffered a lot. But today I can proudly say that selfless services, dedication & honesty paid me & I got support of people of Navsari. Today IRCS Navsari has not only come out of its problems but achieved new heights in all the fields of Redcross & considered as one of the best Redcross institutes in the country. Under my leadership our institute has received 43 awards in the state in various categories of services. This is also a record in Gujarat.

As the recognition of my work for over 10 years I received ‘RASHTRAPATI SURVAN CHANDRAK’. I feel highly satisfied & can say that I am the richest as I own a Gold-Medal that only two individuals from the entire country every year can get & no billionaire can purchase it. I came to Navsari for the first time in 1992, for service in civil hospital, at that time no one knew me. Now all people of the district know me because of my contribution in IRCS Navsari. When I look to the past & think, I feel ethics in life & our profession does pay. Many legal, financial, administrative hurdles we had faced in this long path to success.”






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