1. Drugs in Endometriosis By: Dr.(Mrs). V. Suguna
  2. Current Trends in Intra Uterine Fetal Surgey by Dr.Sameer Dikshit
  3. Pregnancy and Jaundice by Dr Subhash Nandwani
  4. Thyroid and Infertility By Dr Mandakini Parihar
  5. Rationalizing Hormonal treatment for DUB By Pravin Gopinath
  6. Blood Transfusion In Obstetrics and Gynecology by Dr. Suguna Kumar
  7. I.V. Iron Therapy by Dr. Arulmozhi Ramarajan
  8. Handling Accidental cut on the baby during LSCS By Dr. Dilip Walke
  9. Ultra sound in Subfertility by Prof. Anand Kumar (Singapore)
  10. Prenatal Screening-Biochemical markers: Sreekumari
  11. Protocols for Induction of Ovulation by Jaideep malhotra (Agra)