I HAVE RECENTLY READ - Induction of labor in women with low Bishop scores (June 2016)

ยท         Induction of labor in women with low Bishop scores (June 2016)

Previously, the HYPITAT randomized trial demonstrated that routine induction of labor in women with mild preeclampsia or gestational hypertension at >360/7 weeks resulted in lower rates of adverse maternal outcome and cesarean delivery compared with expectant management with maternal/fetal monitoring. However, the outcome of women with unfavorable cervixes was not analyzed separately.

 In a secondary analysis of data from this trial and DIGITAT (pregnancies complicated by fetal growth restriction), induction of labor at term in women with a median Bishop score of 3 (range 1 to 6) was not associated with a higher rate of cesarean delivery than expectant management, and approximately 85 percent of women in both groups achieved a vaginal delivery [1]. Thus, an unfavorable cervix does not alter the decision to induce labor in women with pregnancy-induced hypertension at term. (See "Preeclampsia: Management and prognosis", section on 'Preeclampsia without features of severe disease'.)



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