I HAVE RECENTLY READ -  Chlorhexidine-alcohol for skin prep before cesarean delivery (February 2016)

• Chlorhexidine-alcohol for skin prep before cesarean delivery (February 2016)

Either chlorhexidine-alcohol or iodine-alcohol is used for skin preparation before cesarean delivery. In a recent randomized trial comparing these agents for prevention of surgical-site infection (SSI) in over 11,000 women undergoing cesarean delivery, use of chlorhexidine-alcohol reduced the overall rate of SSIs and the frequency of postoperative office visits for wound concerns by about 40 percent [16].

    We recommend preparing the abdominal surgical site with a chlorhexidine-alcohol scrub before cesarean delivery, based on these data and previous data from adults undergoing clean-contaminated surgery [17]. (See "Cesarean delivery: Preoperative issues", section on 'Skin preparation'.)



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