I HAVE RECENTLY READ - List of Articles

1. Unexplained subfertility in RA linked to periconceptional NSAID use

2. Early menopause a risk factor for type 2 diabetes

3. Overdiagnosis more likely than early detection of threatening cancer with mammography screening

4. Bilateral Oophorectomy and Multimorbidity

5. Induction of labor in women with low Bishop scores (June 2016)

6. Serum test for prediction of preeclampsia (January 2016)

7. Conception after miscarriage (January 2016)

8.  Postpartum psychosis associated with high recurrence risk (February 2016)

9. Screening for perinatal depression (February 2016)

10. Chlorhexidine-alcohol for skin prep before cesarean delivery (February 2016)

11. Metformin use in nondiabetic obese pregnant women does not improve neonatal outcome (February 2016)

12. Antenatal steroids at 34 to 37 weeks for pregnancies at high risk of preterm birth (February 2016)

13. Pessary placement and twin pregnancies with a short cervix (February 2016)

14.Dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for intermittent preventive treatment of malaria during pregnancy (March 2016, Modified March 2016)

15. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and future risk of cardiomyopathy (March 2016)

16. Induction of labor in women 35 years and older (March 2016)

17. Vaginal progesterone and risk for preterm birth (March 2016)

18. Pessary use for reduction of preterm birth (March 2016)

19. Artemisinin combination therapy for uncomplicated falciparum malaria in pregnancy (March 2016)

20. Platelet counts in neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (April 2016)

21. Weight loss and infertility (May 2016) Polyhydramnios due to X-linked Bartter syndrome (May 2016)