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Reading body language is very exciting indeed! If you know how to read and interpret body language, you can predict other people's mood and thinking process.

You can persuade and influence them more effectively by doing things that are in harmony with their present state or mood. The power of persuasion is now in your hands!

Read the awesome body language information in this lens. And make sure you watch the videos below. You'll discover body language secrets that most people will never know! Get the upper hand. :)

Reading the "Crossed Arms" Body Language
Decoding the "Defensive" Gesture

When a person crosses his arms, it may mean any of the following:

1) When You're Talking - He may not agree with what you said, and may be doubting or suspecting you. He may have a bad impression on you and may not wish to continue talking with you. It may also depict arrogance or defensiveness.

2) When He's Talking - He may be hiding something from you, or may even be lying. A person engages in this protective posture when he feels anxious or nervous.

3) He may be protecting himself from verbal attack to maintain his composure.

4) He might just be feeling cold.

When reading body language, it is important to take note of other body language signals in order to more accurately single out other people's feelings or thoughts.

Reading the "Handshake" Body Language
Your Handshake Can either Make or Break You


Wouldn't it be amazing if you can accurately predict other people's emotions, state or mood every time you're shaking their hands?

Would you like to know how to properly shake hands in specific situations for maximum success?

Then listen closely. I'll show you what certain handshakes mean and what you can do to give a memorable handshake.

A person who is confident or exhibits power gives a firm handshake (palms pointing downwards in most cases).

Someone who is nervous, tensed or shy gives a wilted handshake (palms pointing upwards in most cases).

Now here are some wonderful tips to give an excellent handshake that makes people trust, respect or like you.

1) Smile while shaking hands, but don't smile for too long because it might give the perception that you're gullible or not too smart.

2) Make eye contact for around 3 seconds while shaking hands. Don't look too intensely nor too long into their eyes.

3) If you're sitting down, stand up to show respect when shaking hands (except in special cases like when you're eating). Remaining sited while shaking hands may give the impression that you're not interested in the other party, and will probably offend them.

4) If you have sweaty hands, wipe out the sweat with a napkin or handkerchief before shaking hands.

5) Extend your arm outward to show them your enthusiasm and confidence.

6) Your palm should come in contact with their palm. This conveys openness and sincerity, and proves that you're not hiding anything.

7) Don't squeeze their hands too hard. Shake hands firmly, but don't give too much pressure.

Hope these tips come in handy. Btw, if you want to learn how to access people's TRUE thoughts and emotions by reading their body language, go to:

Reading the "Hands in Pocket" Body Language
Don't Put Your Hands Where They Don't Belong


A person putting his hands in his pocket may either exhibit any of the following body language signals:

1) He may be nervous, anxious or uncomfortable with the situation.

2) He may be hiding something from you.

3) He may be restraining himself from doing a specific action or movement.

4) He may be bored, inattentive, or uninterested.

Putting your hands in the pocket may give the impression that you're not confident.

My advice: Remove your hands from your pocket. Use self-assured and steady hand gestures to better express your feelings, as well as convey an assertive and confident personality.

Did you find this information fascinating? This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can unlock the true power of unconscious communication by mastering body language.

Reading the "Clenched Fist" Body Language
Beware a Person with Clenched Fist

A person clenching his fist may either be conveying any of the following state, emotions or thoughts:

1) He may be frustrated over a certain thing.

2) He may be angry.

3) He may be resisting your opinions or statements.

4) It may be a sign of defensiveness.

5) It may indicate confidence.

My advice would be to NOT clench your fist as it conveys an aggressive or negative implication.






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